With school starting back, it is extremely important for students and parents to be aware of the growing problems with drugs in our schools and the consequences of being charged with this type of offense.  If you or someone you care about finds themselves in a position where they are facing criminal charges of this nature, it is extremely important that you take the matter seriously, and contact a qualified criminal defense attorney in Denton immediately.  At Ross Law Offices, we offer a free, in-office consultation to discuss the situation in depth, as well as all possible outcomes which you or your loved one may be facing.  When handled early on in the case, some of these charges can be dealt with in a way in which the charge can be dismissed from a person’s permanent record, and the record can be sealed.  But time is of the essence.  Contact an attorney as soon as possible.

– John A. Ross, Jr. “Tony”


Click this link to watch Sheriff William Travis speak about narcotics in the county.  The video was filmed at the Argyle Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Tuesday, Travis gave attendees an overview of the current drug problem in schools.


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